Dental Restorations

A dental cavity is the result of a biological process where bacteria that have not been removed from a tooth through proper brushing and flossing, dissolve away pieces of the tooth. Here at Family Dentistry On Bay, we use many safe, high quality and highly effective restorations to stop this process.

Fillings- a dental cavity extending into a tooth’s enamel and dentin must be stopped by removal of the diseased portion of tooth and that gap filled. We use a wide array of materials to achieve this, all of which are scientifically proven to stop this process and return a tooth to health.

Crowns- when a large portion of a tooth’s structure has been lost due to cavity, trauma, or fracture, a crown is fabricated to restore strength, function and esthetics back to the tooth.

Dental Bridges- when a tooth needs to be removed, a dental bridge is one option for replacement. A dental bridge bonds an artificial tooth to the empty space by attaching it to adjacent teeth, usually via crowns.

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